call for submissions

canthius 06: transformative kinships

“yet somehow we / danced as though we could meet & / breathe the same air” — rita wong

Canthius invites you to submit your best poetry and prose (including creative essays) exploring transformative kinships.

As feminists, many of us are skeptical of the kinds of toxic relationships associated with capitalism and individualism. As a marketplace feminism of t-shirt slogans flourishes, how do we build meaningful relationships based in collaborative support? As resource extraction projects threaten both ecosystems and communities who have cared for the land for millennia, how do we imagine and foster radical alliances that reject capital as organizing principle? Donna Harraway has called on feminists to think in terms of collaborative networks of support across divides of species, gender, nations, etc. For Harraway, “making kin and making kind (as care, relatives without ties by birth, lateral relatives, lots of other echoes) stretch the imagination and can change the story.” Canthius is interested in submissions that explore:

  • private and public networks of support; family and chosen family
  • radical friendship; solidarities
  • interdependence, entanglement, the lived connection between people and places/land
  • ‘making kin’ across the species divide; transcorporeality
  •  resisting toxic attachments 

Send us your best writing that makes transformative kin and kind.

Submission deadline: October 1, 2018

* Canthius is committed to publishing diverse perspectives and experiences and strongly encourages women of colour, including Indigenous and Black women, to submit.


We consider unpublished work of poetry and prose (both fiction and creative non-fiction – we welcome experimental works). Please limit prose submissions to 3500 words and poetry submissions to five poems. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if another publication accepts work you've submitted to Canthius.

Along with your submission, please include a cover letter with your name, home address, email address, phone number, the date, and the name(s) of the piece(s) you're submitting. If you are comfortable disclosing your racial background and/or gender identity in your cover letter, we encourage you to do so. This information will be held in confidence and will be used solely to help us uphold our mandate to publish diverse work. For prose submissions, please include a word and page count in your cover letter. Please include a header on each page of your submission with your name, address, and email address. Finally, your cover letter should include a short bio that tells us a bit about yourself and lists your previous publications, if any.

We respond to all submissions by email. Our average response time is 12 to 15 weeks.  Please be sure to designate Canthius as an approved sender to prevent our response from being caught in your email spam filters.

Writers accepted for publication will receive $15 per poem and $50 per work of prose. Contributors will also receive a complimentary a copy of the issue and a discounted price on any further copies of the issue in which their work appears. 

Thanks for sharing your writing with us – we can't wait to read it!