Sonia Di Placido: Two Poems

A Golden Hunger Trails The Emerald City

A shadowy portrait sits 123º 22' west, 48º 25' north
Emily Carr by Satellite. Her fist pinches at
short dry grass, sluices the earthy canvas as if it were jelly

Her fingers are yellow dandelions
they know the brush of wise weeds
conversations with friendly firs, abundant trees 

She takes pollen-stained notes
watching the pliable growth quiver
with maples in afternoon wind—

A row of cedars speak in tongues,
“Ah, what’s for dinner?
I am coming out of mourning”

toward the Emerald City everyone bends
pine-like wanting kindness, 
more Matcha, Green Tea

At dusk there is an aroma of oak and oils
mixed in the trails toward greener glass towers
sunning the sky, licks at golden shiny easel walls.


How To Become Friends With The Coyote

On Accounts of the Wounded or A Story of
The Wounded Animal Stalker

When the Shamans (of Ontario) kill the hunter
he becomes the hunted, an alternate voice
having lost his four legged stolen steps, now two

the Coyote has its rite to the body for a bite
red hots of blood               this is all game
the signature flesh 

He Comes home and says to his wife---
“O Hail Mary! Hail to my lady, I found
Jesus on the trail!”

Sonia Di Placido is a graduate of the Ryerson Theatre School and an Honours BA Humanities, York University. A member of the League of Canadian Poets and the Association of Italian Canadian Writers, Sonia has two chapbooks: Vulva Magic (Lyrical Myrical, 2004) and Forest Primitive (Aelous House, 2008) and a full-length poetry collection, Exaltation in Cadmium Red (Guernica Editions, 2012). She has interviews and works in print and online literary journals,  and in anthologies. Some are The Puritan, The White Wall Review, Jacket2, The California Journal of Women Writers, and the Poet to Poet Anthology