Jacqueline Valencia: "Micro Macro"

The fly on my windowsill
crawls towards a hot sunbeam
between the dried raindrops,
my eyes follow closely
since the tv is on the fritz:
no dramas to envelope in
crying diva to touch me
the plot, this sun
my friend’s wings slightly twitch
(squish) it now hovers above
changing a channel
as a cloud passes by
I am still; watched,
woken up
between this thought
and the bug taking flight
a tight rolled up newspaper
at the ready
holds our fates.

Jacqueline Valencia is a Toronto-based writer and critic. Jacqueline is a senior literary editor of The Rusty Toque and a CWILA board member. Her debut collection There Is No Escape Out of Time will be out with Insomniac Press in spring 2016.